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1502 Pinyon Dr.                                                            Noel H. Hughes                                                (303)688-4509

Castle Rock, CO  80104                                                     Senior Aerospace Engineer              



  • Aerospace vehicle design, development, ADCS, GN&C, modeling and simulation. Spacecraft control system dynamic analysis with thruster,  Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG), and reaction wheel systems.  Six degree of freedom (6 DOF) dynamic analysis.  Missile Defense threat and interceptor modeling/simulation.
  • Ground system development, operation and mission planning.  System design and development. Spacecraft operations and maintenance (O&M) engineering.  On orbit test (OOT) design, development, planning and implementation.
  • Engineering tool development in C/C++ Visual Studio, MATLAB, FORTRAN, Excel, Windows, Unix.
  • Complex spacecraft attitude maneuver generation and optimization.
  • Contract monitoring.
  • Small engineering group supervision.
  • College level teaching, recruiting.



·       Immediate:      Direct hire, part or full time contracting or consulting



  • Developed and implemented unique navigation and guidance algorithms that reduced propellant consumption and doubled predicted spacecraft lifetime.
  • Developed innovative control CMG algorithm to recover failing spacecraft. Received recognition from Air Force and Boeing.
  • GNC system conceptualization, dynamic and operations analysis as member of successful spacecraft proposal team.



  • Aerospace vehicle dynamics, hardware modeling, simulation and attitude control development. 
  • Spacecraft ground system development and operations.
  • Spacecraft attitude guidance and maneuver generation and implementation. 
  • Broad knowledge of applied mathematical techniques including numerical analysis, matrix, quaternion, Euler angle, statistical, differential equation methods. 
  • Engineering software tool development in C/C++, MATLAB, FORTRAN. 
  • Operating systems: SUN, Windows PC, Unix, Linux, VAX/VMS, Macintosh. 
  • Tools: STK, MATLAB/Simulink, EASY5, DOORS, MatrixX, SD-Fast, Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP), Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Access. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.



·    SSBI, TS/SCI, DOD Secret



  • Masters of  Science Mechanical Engineering, San Diego State University  
  • Bachelor of Science Aerospace Engineering,  University of Colorado 



  • Braxton Technologies, Colorado Springs, CO  October 2008 to present - Senior Aerospace Engineer
    • GPS related Orbit Analysis, LADO software development.
    • Spacecraft GNC and dynamic analysis.
    • Sensor, rate gyro, reaction wheel modeling software development and analysis.


  • ITEC Aurora, CO  March 2008 to October 2008 – Contract Simulation Engineer
    • Contracting to Raytheon. Performing trade studies and technology development in support of GPS OCX proposal effort.


  • Analex Corp.  Littleton, CO   Jan 2006 to March 2008, at Schriever AFB, Missile Defense Agency

                        Senior Modeling Engineer

    • Simulation and modeling of medium and long range ballistic missile threats and Missile Defense Agency interceptors.  Developed 6 degree of freedom (6DOF) algorithms to be incorporated into simulation.
    • Created interface between Ground Based Midcourse Defense (GMD) simulation and Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP) for visualization and analysis.
    • Developed extensive MATLAB scripts to analyze simulation and flight test results.


  • The Boeing Co.  Denver, CO            June 1989 to Jan 2006           Principal Engineer
    • Developed gravity gradient momentum dumping spacecraft guidance technique that more than doubled predicted vehicle lifetime. 
    • Conceived, developed and implemented innovative control system concept utilizing two CMGs following CMG failure; received $2500 Special Incentive Award from Boeing and $700 Commander’s Award from the Air Force customer. 
    • Participated in development, testing and operation of large ground operations systems.
    • Led guidance and maneuver generation team in support of system deployment, activation, on orbit test.
    • Conceived and generated multiple spacecraft attitude guidance maneuver schemes to respond to anomalies, system degradation and changing requirements.
    • Interfaced Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP) with telemetry, command generation and analysis systems for real time, playback and “what if” graphic visualization and analysis.
    • Provided system health monitoring, anomaly resolution, momentum monitoring  and management, ACS and CMG anomaly response. 
    • Supervised small GNC engineering group. 
    • Developed and taught spacecraft subsystem and GNC courses to company and customer personnel with a wide variety of technical backgrounds. 
    • Wrote and presented paper at AIAA Conference.


  • Martin Marietta  Denver, CO            June 1986 to June 1989

o      Simulation modeling, control system design and development, operations analysis of orbital vehicles, including SDI Orbiting Laser Battle Station, Manned Maneuvering Unit and two major classified systems. 

o      Member of team preparing successful competitive  proposal for major aerospace vehicle; control system conceptualization and preliminary design, guidance, navigation operational and mission analysis.

o      Supervised small engineering group. 

o      Acted as technical monitor for three engineering analysis contracts. 

o      While unassigned awaiting security clearance, on own initiative, conceived and developed interface between control analysis package, EASY5, and finite element analysis package, NASTRAN, used for development of OSC/Martin Transfer Orbital Stage.


  • General Dynamics  San Diego, CA            January 1983 to June 1986

o      Developed engineering analysis software to support development of Shuttle Centaur upper stage booster.

o      Incorporated structural dynamic response into vehicle deployment model.

o      Modeled large mass propellant fluid dynamics in micro gravity conditions; incorporated into vehicle control system two body model. 

o      Performed analytical studies of two vehicle dynamics and control before, during and after separation. 

o      Interfaced with Shuttle Astronauts concerning analysis performed.

o      Conducted college recruiting at Ohio state University and Brigham Young University.


·       Naval Ocean Systems Center San Diego, CA January 1978 to January 1983

o      Developed computer based data collection and analysis system for torpedo engine testing.

o       Developed real time computer engine simulation.

o       Acted as technical monitor for contractor developing and testing MK-50 torpedo propulsion system.  

o      Supervised and developed digital image analysis software for two phase flow experiment, presented paper. 

o      Supervised high pressure testing of underwater vehicle components.


·       San Diego State University            January 1980 to June 1981

o      Part time instructor.  Taught two semester hour course: Engineering Analysis, an  Introduction to Use of Computers to Solve Engineering Problems.



            “Numerical Stability Problem Encountered Modeling Large Liquid Mass in Micro Gravity”, Presented at the AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, August 1993, Victoria, B.C., Canada



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